Designing an open source IoT Hub with MQTT and Android

With constantly evolving hardware and increased competitiveness from manufacturers in the construction of the IoT enabled home, the difficulty in managing and securing the multitude of internet enabled devices at any individual’s disposal is ever greater, with competing applications tailored to manage Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi Direct or NFC enabled “things”. While the means of connectivity are ever increasing, the lack of a single standard of IoT connectivity as well as the lack of a single interoperability solution difficult consumer adoption of an internet enabled home.

The solution to these issues is here presented in the form of a single, simple, user-friendly interface that can be intuitively used by any consumer. Pairing this interface with an optimal communication protocol will assist in bridging the interoperability gap and provide the necessary abstraction layer to facilitate the interchange of data regardless of which device is being used. This paper proposes that the solution for both these issues lies with leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices, in this case particularly targeting Android, paired with an integration of the lightweight communication protocol MQTT.

See the full text PDF for details:

Designing an open source IoT Hub: bridging interoperability and security gaps with MQTT and your Android device

Written on September 1, 2017