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Current Projects and Grants

Current Research Staff

Current Research Students

I am interested in hearing from potential PhD students in my areas of research interests. If you have interesting ideas and wish to discuss funding opportunities for next year, please send me an email (no attachments please!)

Past Projects/Grants

Past Visitors/Staff/Students

Dr Roman Kolcun (Postdoctoral Research Associate on the DADA Project)

Dr Ali Shahin Shamsabadi (Privacy-preserving Deep Learning, funded by QMUL CIS Scholarship)

Dr Mohammad Malekzadeh (Privacy-preserving time-series data analytics, funded by QMUL Life Science Initiative)

Dr Kleomenis Katevas (Postdoctoral Research Associate on the Databox Project)

Dr Katrin Hänsel (Wearable devices and mHealth, co-advised with Akram Alomainy, funded by QMUL CIS Scholarship, graduated April 2019).

Dr Kleomenis Katevas (PhD: Analysing and influencing crowd behaviors using mobile sensing, co-advised with Laurissa Tokarchuk, funded by DSTL, graduated August 2018).

Dr Yousef Amar (Personal Data Analytics on the Databox Project, funded by QMUL CIS Scholarship).

Dr Panagiotis Papadopoulos (Visiting PhD student, ICS-FORTH)

Dr Sandra Servia (Postdoctoral Research Associate on the Databox project)

Dr Sara Heitlinger (Postdoctoral Research Associate on the Connected Seeds and Sensors project, 2015-2017)

Dr Marjan Falahrastegar (Web Tracking Ecosystem, PhD student at QMUL EECS school, co-advised with Steve Uhlig and Richard Mortier, graduated December 2016)

Ms Nanda Khaorapapong (Research Assistant on the Connected Seeds and Sensors project, 2016)

Dr Kuan Hon (Regulatory aspects of data privacy in Cloud Computing, at QUML CCLS, co-advised with Chris Reed, Graduated 2015, now a legal consultant with Microsoft Research)

Dr Marjan Falahrastegar (2012, RA on Privacy Value, then PhD student at QMUL)

Dr Claudiu Perta (March-June 2014, visiting student from Sapienza Università di Roma, now at Google London)